Japan: Muscle Park & Ninja Warrior

Welcome to Muscle Park, a relatively-new theme park in the relatively-new Odaiba area of Tokyo.

Muscle Park is dedicated to all manner of physical and mental gymnastics, but in a good way, and without any uncomfortable locker room moments. Why did we go? Muscle Park has a special training ground for Sasuke, which you may know as as Ninja Warrior! (If you watch G4!) If you've never seen the show, I highly recommend dropping it on your TiVo. It's an amazing physical challenge / game show involving a series of increasingly difficult obstacle courses. The first course looks mostly fun. The second course looks mostly really hard. The third course looks mostly impossible. And to give you an idea of how challenging the fourth and final course is, Sasuke has run for twenty seasons, and only two people have ever actually won. (Cultural note: can you imagine how quickly, say, Deal or No Deal would have been cancelled if there had only ever been two winners in 10 years? But it's genius: when someone fails you feel it in your gut, and if someone wins it feels like you've just watched history unfold.)

Enjoy! Mike eats a giant burger! Which actually wasn't that giant! Dave actually tackles Sasuke! And does way better than I would have! A local shows us how it's done! Despite getting a splinter on the hunging tree tumor!

(Here's a YouTube mirror, just in case.)


That's a weird set of music to complement this! Much different than a theme park in the States.
Blogger Garrett 4/14/2008 4:19 PM  
Hah! Great video!
Anonymous William Wilkinson 4/14/2008 4:20 PM  
That's awesome! Can you please tell me what songs you used in your video or where you got them *Is a j-pop/rock fan :D*
Anonymous Jon Kantro 4/14/2008 5:43 PM  
It has become surprising to see how good video can look on the web with decent encoding. Thanks for the bandwidth, Cabel.
Blogger vortech 4/14/2008 6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous 4/14/2008 7:05 PM  
Wow, that looks super fun. And excellent choice on the Rip Slyme. Did you go anywhere else in Odaiba? It's a pretty awesome place in general.
Anonymous Andrew 4/14/2008 7:14 PM  
Also insane about Sasuke is that the prize is roughly ~$37k. Meanwhile, our game shows, which are wayyy easier, often offer a million dollars.
OpenID Andy Matuschak 4/14/2008 7:46 PM  
Love the choice of music! For anyone wondering, the music in the middle is from UNIQLOCK/Fantastic Plastic Machine.

I love Ninja Warrior...that course looks pretty difficult for a theme park one!
Blogger Graham 4/14/2008 7:50 PM  
Really enjoyed this video. Cheers!
Blogger Wolf 4/14/2008 11:41 PM  
Those burgers bring a new meaning to the name "Delicious Monster" :D
Anonymous Danny 4/15/2008 1:50 AM  
I really want to go to Japan now! It looks like a lot of fun... Theme parks here in the UK are just full of slightly aggressive pre-teens.
Blogger Cal 4/15/2008 5:04 AM  
It's funny you use Deal or No Deal as an example of 'game shows with rare top prize winning', since no one in the US has ever won the top prize!

In other countries: Yes. But it's still pretty rare.

In fact, Deal or No Deal may come in second (or close to it) to Sasuke, in the game of 'game shows with rare "top prize" winning' :-)

Anonymous a. 4/15/2008 1:38 PM  
Just been youtubing it (itself a battle against Naruto at first). It's Super Mario Galaxy. For people.
Anonymous Mark M 4/15/2008 3:59 PM  
I was there in December, although they were in the process of closing for the day. We got to walk through it real quick, but not do any of the challenges.

Make sure you check out the Toyota Research Showroom thing kinda in the same area. It's completely and utterly awesome.

(Oh, and the second last song - the rap one - is from the Fun Fair album by Rip Slyme.)
Blogger Jamie Wilson 4/16/2008 4:39 PM  
this sounds really cool! I've never heard about this before... thanks for posting :o)
Blogger Katie cat 4/25/2008 9:44 AM  
It is pretty clear to me that if Dave hadn't had his shirt on, he too would have met this challenge with greater success.
Anonymous Mister Avery 4/29/2008 8:48 AM  
rad. :)
Blogger taj 5/11/2008 2:07 PM  
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Blogger si_si_ay 6/29/2008 5:37 PM  
hmmm...more like a Double Dare for adults where you always have to take the physical challenge. Do they make all the contestants eat that burger before competing? Because that might explain the dearth of grand prize winners....
Blogger si_si_ay 6/29/2008 5:38 PM  

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