Joby Joby Boy

Let me be clear: I have no intention of this becoming a baby pictures blog. That said, I thought it worth noting to you, the, that, one week ago, we welcomed the arrival of Joby Finn Sasser, our brand new baby boy.

Already awash in the gaming world (which means he'll be a football broker, right?), here he's about to be wrapped up by Keita Takahashi's Noby Noby Boy. (And our cat.) This plush Boy was a totally shocking gift from Keita — if you can believe this, his sister made it! Joby also really loves Girl .

So, yeah, baby time! Red hair!? Really long fingers! Doing awesome, fitting right into our lives. (Also: Nicole is amazing.) New life! Let's go!

Next time, I swear: Japan Mystery Cafe

It just dawned on me that now, at one week old, Joby Sasser will already have a Google hit to his name — his dad talking about his birth. Will this page still be here when he's 21? Will Google? Joby, if this is embarrassing to future-you, just send your dad a holographic e-mail (set it to 4D — I probably haven't upgraded to 5D yet.)


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