The Most Intense Gamer Ever

There's a lot of photocopied flyers stapled on the telephone poles of Hawthorne Blvd here in Portland. The average diameter of each pole has literally extended by several KinkoInches advertising the inevitable weekend shows of Sidewalk Stalk, Dov's Houseboy, Korandom, I Don't See You But I'll Always Feel You, Emissionary Physician, Cedar Oak and Pine, Forebread, and many other bands I just made up.

But one flyer, placed somewhat low with hand lettering even an indie band couldn't improve upon, caught my eye. You may be confused but not for long.

Jackoroma3 tells me that he's 14 years old, that he "likes food, likes creating websites, likes going on vacation", and has been gaming for five years.

He also has a website that pushes the limits of iWeb, offering Runescape advice that's surprisingly applicable to the real world ("GETTING ENOUGH MONEY IS NOT EASY JUST WORK HARD!") and self-critiques of his many, many videos ("PROBLEMS WITH GAME: (1) not a very good game").

Although I may not totally appreciate the videos — I know I would if I was 14 and played Runescape — I think there's something deeply, anachronistically beautiful about advertising a YouTube channel on a telephone pole.

Jackoroma3, I salute you.

Next time: the Japanese mystery cafe


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