FancyZoom Updated

It may be patently obvious, as the relevant post is directly below this one, but until FancyZoom moves to its own home on the web, sometime in 2018, this is probably the best way to get the word out to you RSS reading folk: FancyZoom update! Actually, it shows how little I know about RSS — do people get notified when I make revisions to my posts? Or do most people turn that feature off? Do I sound like the world's oldest man? MY PICTURE BOX IS BROKEN, WHY CAN'T I GET MY MOVIE FILMS ON MY PICTURE BOX?

Anyway, FancyZoom is already at version 1.1. I made it work with Opera (and, theoretically, the Wii!), fixed some crazy bugs, and improved the keyboard behavior. Release notes in the original post.

I hope you enjoy these updates!


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